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Junction Butte pack wolf; Jimmy Jones Photography

Wolf Stories

Journey into the lives of some of the most iconic wolves that have roamed our planet. They are an inspiration to us, epitomizing what it means to live wild, with unwavering spirit and perseverance, always ready to sacrifice everything for their family.

Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree

The 06 Legacy supports the largest and most unique family tree on, featuring the genealogy and life stories of over 1,300 Yellowstone wolves! This comprehensive resource is a free public service. We invite you to immerse yourself in the wild, whether you're a veteran wolf watcher or are exploring the world of these remarkable animals for the first time. Teachers, researchers and wolf fans everywhere are welcome.

Imagine a family tree that shows the relationships of generation upon generation of Yellowstone wolves beginning with their reintroduction in 1995. Add the life story and lineage of every individual; the pups, the outcasts, the master elk hunters, the leaders, and the challengers. This is the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree: digital, enormous in scope, and the first of its kind in the world! You'll find all the past and present Yellowstone packs and their members — the most famous population of wolves on the planet — in the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Project and its new online version of the Canis lupus family tree.

To become a guest of the tree and acquire free access, go to the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree and follow the instructions to receive an invitation. After becoming a guest, you can also download the Ancestry App to view the tree on your mobile devices! Funding from The 06 Legacy ensures this invaluable project remains comprehensive and accurate.

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