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We are focused on educating the public about the vital role of wolves, creating deeper understanding, empathy, and respect.


We are committed to raising awareness about the threats wolves face without legal protection, inspiring a new generation of advocates who will champion the cause.

Endorsement and Accountability

We are dedicated to making wolf protection a national priority by endorsing pro-wolf candidates and holding elected officials accountable.

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As you explore our website, know that every donation, no matter the size, contributes in the fight for wolf protection. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, united for the wolves. Your support means the world to us!

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How will my donation be used to help gray wolves?

The 06 Legacy is committed to advocating for the protection of wolves and restoration to their ancestral lands, investing in six key areas to advance the cause: education, inspiration, awareness, endorsement, resources and documentation.

Education: By educating the public about the true nature of wolves and their essential role in sustaining healthy ecosystems, we are helping to change the narrative around wolves to respect and coexistence.

Inspiration: We take inspiration from famous wolves and share their life stories to encourage the public to be a voice for wolves and act on their behalf.

Awareness: By raising awareness of upcoming elections, candidates, and the consequences to wolves, we are helping the public recognize that elections have big implications for gray wolf populations.

Endorsement: To protect wolves, we are endorsing pro-wolf candidates at the state and federal level who will fight for their survival.

Resources: We have a world-class curated list of wolf-related books.

Documentation: To ensure every Yellowstone wolf is known to today's and future generations of wolf advocates, the 06 Legacy supports the important research and documentation done by the archivists at the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree on — which is a free educational resource featuring the life stories and genealogy of over 1,200 Yellowstone wolves.

What is The 06 Legacy and what is its mission?

The 06 Legacy is a 50(c)(4) nonprofit that seeks to protect America’s gray wolves from trophy killing and restore wolf populations through awareness, education, and endorsement of candidates.

Why is The 06 Legacy a 501(c)(4) nonprofit?

The 06 Legacy is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organization. As such, contributions, donations, and gifts to The 06 Legacy are not tax deductible. They support our efforts to engage in the political process directly through endorsing pro-wolf candidates for election and lobbying on behalf of wolves. Although decisions regarding the management of wolf populations should be scientifically based and non-biased, the reality is the outlook for wolves is politically driven. Every vote that counts for wolves will help towards safeguarding their future.

Is my donation to The 06 Legacy tax deductible?

501(c)(4) contributions are not tax deductible to the individual or organization making the donation.

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