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About Wolves

As a keystone species, the gray wolf plays an essential role in maintaining healthy, biologically diverse wild ecosystems.

Yet, wolves have faced centuries of persecution in the Unites States. Wolves and wolf pups were shot, trapped, poisoned, strangled, bludgeoned, dug from their dens, and tracked with dogs until the howls of these wilderness icons were silenced across 99% of their ancestral lands.

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It took a change in government policy to rescue gray wolves from the brink of extinction. But, the passage of anti-wolf laws over the past decade has turned the clock back. Trophy hunters armed with the latest technology and are turning wilderness areas — held in public trust for all of us — into killing fields. The very wolf populations our nation worked so hard to restore are again being destroyed.

Fortunately, people across America respect wolves' rightful place in nature. We are determined to change laws and stop the killing. The 06 Legacy welcomes you on a journey of learning and appreciation for the history, beauty, and majesty of wolves. Most of all, we hope that you will be with us in the fight to protect gray wolves.


A Forest of Wolf Facts

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