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Agate Creek pack alpha female 472F — 06s mother; Frank Fichtmuller/iStock

How to help wolves

People like you are leading the charge to protect wolves and their rightful place in the American wilderness. By working together, we can save wolves — one vote, one election at a time.

Hayden Valley pack alpha female; Pete Bengeyfield

Elect to protect wolves

When you cast your ballot, back candidates who are committed to wolves. Check for our pro-wolf endorsements to guide your vote for protection.

Elected Officials
926F; Pete Bengeyfield


The 06 Legacy is on the forefront of change. Your donation will help us educate, raise awareness, and fight for wolves at the ballot box.

06; avid Yellowstone wolf watcher Kathy Schmidt


Support the cause and wear your love of wolves wherever you go!

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"Gypsy" Jason Kladiva - Your Friend in Yellowstone

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We need your help in getting the word out about wolves! Please consider sharing our mission on social media.

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Nominate an official

Are you an elected official or candidate seeking endorsement, or know of a pro-wolf official who deserves endorsement, let us know!

Nominate an elected official