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Unlimited Wolf Killing

85% of Wyoming open to year-round, unlimited and unregulated wolf killing

Legislative Onslaught Against Wolves

Laws enacted in Montana and Idaho intend to reduce the statewide wolf populations by 85-90%

25 Yellowstone Wolves Killed

by hunters in Montana, Wyoming, and IdahoSept. 15, 2021-March 15, 2022

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The 06 Legacy seeks to end the injustice done to wolves and keep every member of gray wolf nation safe. Please consider making a donation to support our work. Together, we will fight to preserve wolves rightful place in nature and carry on the legacy of our beloved 06.

For 2023, our goals include:

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“The 06 Legacy is fighting for wolves by endorsing federal and state candidates who will protect gray wolves, all across the country.”

~ Rob, monthly supporter

“Thanks to the dedicated wolf advocates at The 06 Legacy, legends are forever in the Valley of the Wolves.”

~ Emily, friend of the 06 Legacy

“I love Wolves and am grateful for The 06 Legacy’s protection efforts.”

~ Bridget, friend of the 06 Legacy


How will my donation be used to help save the gray wolf?

The 06 Legacy is committed to advocating for the protection of wolves and restoration to their ancestral lands, investing in five key areas to advance the cause: education, inspiration, awareness, endorsement, and resources.

Education: By educating the public about the true nature of wolves and their essential role in sustaining healthy ecosystems, we are helping to change the narrative around wolves to respect and coexistence.

Inspiration: We take inspiration from famous wolves and share their life stories to encourage the public to be a voice for wolves and act on their behalf.

Awareness: By raising awareness of upcoming elections, candidates, and the consequences to wolves, we are helping the public recognize that elections have big implications for gray wolf populations.

Endorsement: To protect wolves, we are endorsing pro-wolf candidates at the state and federal level who will fight for their survival.

Resources: We have a world-class curated list of wolf-related books and are working towards offering programs.

The 06 Legacy is carrying on the funding of the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree on, featuring the life stories and genealogy of over 1,200 Yellowstone wolves, to ensure the important research and documentation required to keep the Tree current continues.

What is The 06 Legacy and what is its mission?

The 06 Legacy is a 50(c)(4) nonprofit that seeks to protect America’s gray wolves from trophy killing and restore wolf populations through awareness, education, and endorsement of candidates.

Why is The 06 Legacy a 501(c)(4) nonprofit?

Although decisions regarding the management of wolf populations should be scientifically based and non-biased, the reality is the outlook for wolves is politically driven. As a 50(c)(4) not-for-profit organization, we may engage in the political process directly through lobbying on behalf of wolves and endorsing pro-wolf candidates for election. Every vote that counts for wolves will help make the future for wolves better and safer.

Is my donation to The 06 Legacy tax deductible?

501(c)(4) contributions are not tax deductible to the individual or organization making the donation.

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