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The 06 Legacy

Dedicated to protecting America's gray wolves through education, awareness, and electing pro-wolf candidates to office. We're 221,000+ strong. Join us!

Stop the killing

When federal protections are removed, wolves pay the price with their lives.


In just three days, trophy hunters killed 218 wolves, nearly doubling the established quota.


In 85% of the state, wolves can be killed by any method, at any time—day or night, 365 days a year.


A six-year plan aims reduce the state's wolf population from 1,300 to around 500.


Trophy hunters kill between 250 and 300 wolves each season. Individuals can kill up to 20 wolves each.

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Meet "06"

The tragic death of this legendary Yellowstone alpha female inspired a global movement. We honor her legacy by continuing to fight for the protection of wolves.

The 06 Story
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