Across the nation, people like you are leading the charge to protect wolves!

"These animals-the wolves of Isle Royale-they have lives-Individual lives like you and I. They know what happened yesterday, they have plans for what comes next, and they have interests. To see that unfold in all of its particulars really changes a person's view of nature-all nature. Because if wolves have lives, then it's only a small step to realize that squirrels have lives, robins have lives. All the living creatures who we share the planet with-they have lives. They are not resources for us to conserve, so much as they are brothers and sisters with whom to share." Taken from a interview with John Vucetich about his book, Restoring the Balance: What Wolves Tell Us about Our Relationship with Nature, Psychology Today, October 12, 2021

Help save wolves like 06 from trophy killing!

Consider that less than 4% of the adult population in this country call themselves hunters. Why do we allow such a small minority to create policy for the majority of us that respect wolves and their role in healthy ecosystems? People don’t hunt wolves to eat them. Killing wolves for entertainment or bragging rights is just wrong.

> Get Informed and Vote

In just one election cycle, Montana into killing fields for wolves. Voting is an important form of advocacy and doesn’t cost a penny. The future of wolves depends on the decisions made by the leaders we elect.

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> Influence Others

Advocacy is getting the word out about wolves and building a community of like-minded people. Be a voice for wolves with family, friends and neighbors.

> Advocate For Wolves Wherever You Live

Our elected leaders in federal and state governments make the decision to either keep wolves safe or allow wolf hunting. So, whether your state is home to a population of wolves or not, it is still critical that we vote pro-wolf candidates to office!

> Influence Your Elected Leaders

Use your voice to influence your elected leaders. Email, write a letter, call, and/or meet in person with your elected leaders. Advocacy is letting your elected leaders know you DO NOT support wolf hunting and the senseless killing of wolves.

> Public Comment and Testimony

You can make your voice heard in state legislature and wildlife commissions. If you live in a state with gray wolves, your voice as a constituent is especially important! If you travel to a state that has a resident gray wolf population, consider speaking for wolves there. Your tourism dollars helps the state and local economies.  

> Letter to the Editor

The opinion section is one of the most widely read sections in the newspaper. Influencers pay attention to opinion pieces and it’s a great way to educate the public about key issues.

> Nominate A Candidate

Find out where your candidates stand on wolves, then let us know. We will continue to update our website with pro-wolf leaders.  

Wolves Need Every Voice!